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Czujnik koloru i kontrastu LX-100

  • Czujnik koloru i kontrastu LX-100

LX-100 DIGITAL Mark sensor

The LX-100 series - a combined LED contrast and colour sensor - can be used both as a high-speed contrast sensor to quickly and reliably detect printer's marks, for example, and as a high-precision colour sensor.
In contrast sensing mode, the sensor automatically selects the optimum emitting LED during teach-in (static or dynamic teach-in method) from the transmitting light source (red, green and blue LEDs). With a response time of just 45µs, this sensor is perfect for high processing speeds like those required in printing presses, for example. In colour mode, an integrated microprocessor with a 12-bit A/D converter digitally processes the signals of the colour to be detected in red, green and blue primary colour components. This ensures that even the most minute colour differences or merest of tints can be accurately distinguished.


  • Three different emitting LEDs (red, green, blue)
  • High precision coaxial reflective optical system
  • High resolution 12-bit A/D converter
  • 4-digit digital display
  • Teach-in for simple settings (external teaching also possible)
  • Timer function (ON/OFF-delay)
  • Two inverse outputs (cable type)
  • Compact size
  • M12 or cable type
  • IP67



  • For connector types: 2m or 5m cables
  • Mounting brackets


NPN output LX-101 (Z)
PNP output LX-101P (Z)
Sensor type Mark and colour sensor
Timer function 1 - 500ms
Sensing range 10 ± 3mm
Spot size 1 x 5mm
Response time Max. 45µs (mark mode), max. 150µs (colour mode)
Output transistor Max. 50mA (2x, cable type), max. 100mA (connector type)
Emitting diode Red (640nm) , blue (525nm), green (470nm)
Power consumption Max. 30mA
Housing material Plastic
Protection IP67
Size (H x W x D) 57 x 24 x 35mm
Connection Cable 2m or M12 connector = (Z)
Supply voltage 12 - 24V DC (± 10%)
Ambient temperature - 10°C - + 55°C
Weight (approx.) 120g (cable type), 55g (connector type)


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Mark detection
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