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Limit Switches

AZ7  (PDF)

  • Compact design
  • High load capability
  • Economic
  • Low weight
  • IP64


  • Sealed to IEC-IP67
  • Dimensions conform to DIN EN 50047

AZ8  (PDF)

  • Compact design
  • High contact reliability
  • Long life
  • Easy wiring
  • IP60 / 64
  • Oil tight

AZC1 (magnelimit)  (PDF)

  • Practical construction: switch located between two magnets 
  • Holding force 1kg, 3kg and 5kg types available
  • Available with normally open or normally closed contact


  • Miniaturized design
  • Gold clad contacts for low level types
  • Metal body or plastic body available
  • IP67 / IP64