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  • PLC FP0H


  • High speed and high capacity
    The FP0H is 8 times faster than conventional models and needs only 10ns per basic instruction (up to 10k steps). With max. 64k steps, the program capacity is 2 times larger than conventional models. The shared memory can be allocated to program and data registers via a system register. This way, it is possible to allocate for example 64k words to the data registers when there are large amounts of log data or 64k steps to the program memory when there is a large number of programs.
    By setting a system register, the Ethernet type can be configured as follows:

      Program-driven setting Initial state Data-driven setting
    Program capacity 64k steps 40k steps 32k steps 24k steps
    Data capacity 12k words 24k words 32k words 64k words


  • Expandable to 384 inputs/outputs with expansion units
    The FP0H is equipped with 16 inputs and 16 transistor outputs (sink/source). The I/O number can be expanded up to 384 I/O with the FP0H / FPe / FP0R expansion units.

    FP0H expansion I/O unit FP0H / FPΣ (Sigma) expansion unit (max. 4 expansion units) FP0H FP0R expansion unit (max. 3 expansion units) FP0R expansion unit


  • High connectivity
    Available interfaces: 2 Ethernet ports (Ethernet type only), 1 RS232C port, 1 USB port. The Ethernet type is compatible with EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP and MC protocol and can be connected easily to all kinds of robots and PLCs. In addition, communication cassettes can be installed.

  • Cost-saving
    The communication cassette system extends the serial communication functionality of the CPU without the need to buy or install a dedicated communication unit. There are 4 communication cassettes available: RS232C, RS232C x 2, RS485, RS232C and RS485. In addition, the shared program and data register memory means there is no need to buy a more expensive unit with more data space.

  • High compatibility
    The FPΣ (Sigma) and the FP0H without Ethernet functionality have nearly the same size so that it is easy to replace the FPΣ (Sigma) with the FP0H. Ladder programs written for FPΣ (Sigma) can be converted for FP0H to facilitate the replacement.

  • SD memory card slot for the logging / trace function (Ethernet type only)
    SD memory cards can be used to store programs for and from the PLC. This makes it easy to update programs quickly if necessary. In addition, they can be used for the logging / trace function. Logging can be performed with 4 simultaneously active files using various triggers such as bit, interval, instruction, and time.

  • Motor control
    The control unit can control four axes with pulse output (up to 100kHz per axis), so simultaneous control of 2-axis X-Y tables is possible. The configuration tool offers positioning tables to make it easy to set the parameters for movement amount, target speed, acceleration and deceleration time, operation mode, etc. For each axis parameters are shown for limit input logic, deceleration time to stop, and operation conditions for JOG operation and home return, etc.

  • Supports FPΣ (Sigma) positioning units RTEX
    The FP0H supports the three available types of FPΣ (Sigma) positioning units RTEX for controlling 2 axes, 4 axes and 8 axes. The positioning units RTEX can be used with servo drivers MINAS A5IIN / A6N for precise multi-axis position control. The Configurator PM setting software supports users from the configuration to starting and monitoring the system. You can check the positioning action with the help of test runs even when the control unit is in program mode.


Item AFP0HC32EP/T (with Ethernet) AFP0HC32P/T (without Ethernet)
No. of inputs/outputs 16 inputs, 16 outputs (max. 384 with expansion units), transistor output (PNP/NPN)
High-speed counter Single-phase 4 channels (max. 100kHz per input)
or two-phase 2 channels (max. 50kHz per input)
Interrupt input Total 8 inputs (with high-speed counter)
Pulse output 4 channels (max. 100 kHz per axis)
PWM output 4 channels, 1Hz to 70kHz (at resolution of 1000 ), 70.001kHz to 100kHz (at resolution of 100)
Built-in interfaces Ethernet port x 2, RS232C port x 1, USB port x 1 RS232C port x 1, USB port x 1
Expansion FP0H / FPΣ (Sigma) expansion unit x 1, FP0R expansion unit x 1
Slot for communication cassette (RS232C, RS232C x 2, RS485, RS232C and RS485)
SD memory card Yes (SDHC) No
Operation speed (basic instructions) 10ns (up to 10k steps)
Program capacity 64k / 40k / 32k / 24k (depending on system register setting) 32k / 24k (depending on system register setting)
Data register 12k / 24k / 32k / 64k (depending on system register setting) 24k / 32k (depending on system register setting)
Clock/calendar function Built-in


LAN port communication specifications for AFP0HC32EP/T

Item Specification
Communication port 100Base-TX/10Base-T Ethernet
Baud rate 100Mbit/s, 10Mbit/s auto negotiation function
Total cable length 100m (500m when a repeater is used)
Number of simultaneous connections Max. 10 (system connection: 1, user connection: 9)
Communication method Full-duplex / Half-duplex
Protocol TCP/IP, UDP
DNS Supports name servers
DHCP Automatic IP address acquisition
SNTP Time synchronization
Communication mode EtherNet/IP, MEWTOCOL-COM Master/Slave, MODBUS-TCP Master/Slave, MEWTOCOL-DAT Master/Slave, program controlled (4KB per connection, 1 to 9 user connections)

Positioning units

Suitable for ultra-fast linear servo drives
The positioning units support ultra-fast linear servo drives with a pulse output of up to 4Mpps and fast startup in 5μs. This makes them ideal for applications that repeat short-stroke actions quickly such as palletizing of electronics parts. A built-in high speed counter can detect abnormalities by counting feedback pulses from encoders during positioning.

Output type Number of axes controlled Max. operation speed Functions Product number
Transistor 1 1pps to 500kpps Linear acceleration / deceleration, S-curve acceleration / deceleration AFP0HPG01T
2 (independent) AFP0HPG02T
Line driver 1 1pps to 4Mpps AFP0HPG01L
2 (independent) AFP0HPG02L

Communication cassettes

Product name Specifications Product number
FP0H communication cassettes RS232C, 1 channel (5 pins) AFP0HCCS1
RS232C, 2 channels (2 x 3 pins) AFP0HCCS2
RS485, 1 channel (3 pins) AFP0HCCM1
RS232C, 1 channel (3 pins) and RS485, 1 channel (2 pins, 19.2 or 115.2kbit/s) AFP0HCCS1M1

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