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PLC Software PCWAY

  • PLC Software PCWAY

PCWAY Features

Easy setting data on Excel
By setting the necessary items at the (Cell Settings) dialog box, it is possible to READ or WRITE the PLC data.

Data storage /printing in automatic operation
Register the data at periodical or non-periodical, in accordance to the relay or PCWAY event turning to ON. Save the data with the TEXT format. The file format can be registered flexibily. Also, the data can be written-in and processed at a different application, other than the Excel one.


  • (Automatic Macro Startup): Starts the registered macro (registered by the User) by the event turning to ON.
  • (Sound File): The sound will be out-putted by the PLC relay and event turning ON.

Remote data management via modem
(Modem Support): Connects with the PLCs located in distant regions with the public phone line.

Interactive data exchange (PLC – PC)
Possible to download the displayed data to the PLC.

Easy operational environment
For those who do not want to use the macro programme...

  • (Character Change): Changes the display character/colour by the ON/OFF of the relay.
  • (Operation Formula): perform an operation during the displaying and the operation of the register.

Ordering information

  • PCWAY software with USB port dongle, English manual
    Part number: AFW10031
  • USB port dongle for PCWAY and CommX
    Part number: AFW1033

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