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Measurement sensors

HG-T laser thru-beam sensor

HG-T laser thru-beam sensor  

  • 10mm laser belt
  • Sensing range 0.5m
  • Resolution > 1µm
  • Side view mirror available
HG-C1000L measurement sensor with IO-Link

HG-C1000L measurement sensor with IO-Link  

  • IO-Link
  • Preprogrammed self-diagnosis function
  • Repeatability 10μm
  • Compact all-in-one solution
  • Digital display of current measurement value

HG-C measurement sensor  

  • Repeatability 10μm
  • No separate controller needed
  • Compact and light weight
  • Displays actual measured distance
  • Analog and digital output

HL-G1 measurement sensor  

  • Resolution up to 0,5µm
  • Communication interfaces RS485 and RS422
  • 2x analogue outputs (4-10mA / 0-10V)

HL-D3 measurement sensor  

  • Multi-point 2D sensor
  • Stable measurements
  • High resolution  of 1µm
  • Four measurement modes

HL-C2 measurement sensor  

  • Resolution up to 0.01µm
  • Control unit for 2 sensor heads
  • Ultra high-speed calculation processor

HG-S measurement sensor  

  • Resolution 0.1μm
  • Accuracy: 1μm (full range), 0.5μm (narrow range)
  • High-speed response of 3ms
  • Resistance to lateral load
  • Equipped with high-resolution CMOS
  • Easy-to-use 2-line digital display controller
  • Equipped with intuitive circle meter
  • Connection of up to 15 slaves units in series

HG-S communication unit  

Direct transfer of high-precision measurement values: new communication unit for the HG-S series.

HL-T1 measurement sensor  

  • Laser class 1, red light
  • Reach up to 2m
  • Resolution up to 4µm
  • Control unit with mathematical function

GP-X measurement sensor  

  • Eddy current analog sensor
  • Resolution up to 0.02%
  • 5 different sensor heads from Ø3.8mm to M12