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PhotoIC coupler for high speed communication

PhotoIC coupler for high speed communication

Panasonic’s components spectrum is now extended by a PhotoIC coupler, a device that allows high speed signal transmission combined with an optical isolation between input and output. Main applications are in the field of measurement equipment and factory automation.

The built-in light-receiving IC chip allows communication speeds of 50 Mbps (typical) and a guaranteed performance at a great temperature range from -40°C up to 105°C. With a CMTI of min. 15kV/µs, the PhotoIC coupler offers a high resistance against noise on the transmitted signal. All these great features are combined in a small package size of 4.4mm x 4.3mm x 2.1mm (SO6 5 pin).

The PhotoIC coupler can be used in a wide range of applications. Placed in between a controller and a sensor, signals can be transmitted via a high variety of communication standards (Fieldbus, Ethernet, RF,…). If a galvanic isolation between input and output is desired, the PhotoIC coupler is the right choice.

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