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Technical returns
This service only applies to returns of defective articles for the product groups "automation products" and "lighting". Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG will charge for repairs to products not under guarantee. An estimate and error report will be sent beforehand. The estimate will include costs for picking up the product anywhere within the EU by our delivery service. The cost for the estimate and error report is EUR 65.00 excluding VAT. This amount will be deducted from a subsequent repair order or if a replacement is ordered.


Logistic return shipments
This service applies to all logistic return shipments of Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG:

  • Damaged goods (transport damage)
  • Wrong quantity
  • False delivery

Please discuss a logistic return with the office responsible for you before filling out and submitting our return form.


Return procedure:

  1. Please fill out our return form (below) completely and send it via e-mail to our customer service. An e-mail that contains the form is generated using the button at the bottom of the form, "Send".
  2. Please use the original packaging for the return or other stabile packaging material.
  3. Our customer service arranges for the goods to be picked up according to your instructions and informs you via e-mail about the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and delivery service provider assigned. Please provide the RMA number for all inquiries regarding the return.
  4. The goods are accepted and checked by our logistics center or service center.
  5. You receive updates about your return within the framework of our RMA process.

Note: Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG cannot be made responsible for losses or damage to returns that have no RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.

Return form