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Sensor products  

Here you can find more than 2500 products, including:

  • Ultra miniature photoelectric sensors as small as 14 x 8 x 3mm
  • Trigonometric sensors, which can detect objects independent of color and surface
  • Fiber sensors, where Panasonic offers a huge range of 150 different fibers
  • High-resolution analog laser displacement sensors with an accuracy as low as 0.01µm and a sampling frequency of up to 100kHz
  • Safety light curtains

In order to cater to individual requirements, Panasonic offers a multitude of

  • Customized solutions for optical detection.
  • Inductive, flow, and press sensors round off Panasonic’s sensor portfolio.

Sensor applications  

Here you can:

  • Find the optimal sensor with the help of application examples or industry-specific solutions.
  • Limit the range of possible applications with the help of key words.
  • Access a detailed description of the individual solutions.

Sensor Product Finder  

Here you can:

  • Browse Panasonic’ product finder to find the sensor that fits your needs and requirements best.
  • Compare the sensors you have found, download their data sheets, send search results to colleagues, create PDF files, or directly access the product description of each sensor.