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Servo Drives and Motors

MINAS A6 servo drives  

  • MINAS A6SF motion controller (multifunction type)
  • MINAS A6SE motion controller (basic model)
  • MINAS A6SG motion controller (RS485 interface)
  • MINAS A6N motion controller (RTEX network)
  • MINAS A6 servo motors

MINAS A5 servo drives  

  • MINAS A5 motion controller(multifunction type)
  • MINAS A5E motion controller (basic model)
  • MINAS A5N motion controller (RTEX network)
  • MINAS A5B motion controller (EtherCAT)
  • MINAS A5 servo motors

MINAS LIQI servo drives (low cost)  

  • Servo drives and motors
  • Rated output of 50W to 1000W 220V AC
  • Pulse train input
  • Damping and notch filters and real-time auto-gain tuning
  • Bandwidth 1kHz (frequency response)